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So, What Do You Think?

I'm curious to know what you think about the thesis project and website. If you like it, don't like it, or whatever, my ears are open. And, if you have any suggestions for improvement, those are certainly welcome as well! 
There are specific headers for different kinds of feedback. Take a look and see which heading is most relevant to your comment. If you're a private person and just want to say something to me, check out the   Contact Me          page.

What do you like about this project?

What do you think is working well about this project and website? Are there specific features or aspects of the website seem most helpful?

What did I miss, and how can I fix it?

Are there things you didn't like about this project? Did I miss something? Let me know if you think of something helpful I can add to the site or something inaccurate that I should fix.


Do you have any questions or things that need cleared up for you?

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